[Scene: Surface of Carpathia]
[Tate, Fleur and some XPs walk up to meet Rudi.]

Rudi: You came, didn't think you'd dare.

Tate: I'd like to tell my people to put their weapons away, can i do that so we can talk?

[Rudi nods, the XPs put their guns into their pockets.]

Tate: The baby's being treated by our best doctors.

Rudi: And the fate of three hostages is also in their hands.

Tate: I understand, what do you want from me Rudi?

Rudi: To tell you face to face that someday i shall destroy you.

Tate: Well that is unnessessary, we can help you.

Rudi: We don't need anybody than ourselves now. Someday we will walk to that place, [turns his head to Forthaven] and have our revenge.

Fleur: Nobody deserves your revenge, least of all that girl you dragged away from safety, she knows nothing about this place.

Rudi: You're appealing to my sense of fair play.

Fleur: Your humanity.

Rudi: Oh so now i'm a human being, [turns to Tate] he gave the order to take us out and kill us all, men, women alike...

Tate: We had no choice, our children were dying from C-23 we faced extinction.

Rudi: But not because of us.

Tate: At the time we were sure it was.

Rudi: [turns to Tate] But it was still wrong, [back to Rudi] and you have every reason to feel angry.

Tate: [pauses] No.

[Fleur looks down]

Rudi: [pauses] We didn't kill your children, but something else did, how do you know it's not still here watching you? How do you know it won't attack you again?

Tate: C-23 was a virus nothing more.

Kellerman: How can you be sure? You were wrong once before.

Tate: You want answers?

Rudi: We're not the one who needs answers. There's still alot about this place you don't know.

Tate: The baby is being treated please just let the hostages go.

Rudi: [to Fleur] Bring her to me alive, and you come alone next time. [to Tate] Or the bodies of the three hostages will be found hanging where everybody can see them.

[Rudi walks off, Tate slowly walks away. Fleur looks at Tate then turns to the departing Rudi.]