Vital statistics
Title Mr.
Gender Male
Date of Birth circa 2050 (artificial)
Marital Status Alive
Job Leader of his people, the Advanced Cultivars
Children Unknown
Views and beliefs The well-being of his people
Revenge against Richard Tate
Appearances Episodes:
Portrayed by Langley Kirkwood

Rudi is the leader of the Advanced Cultivars.


Episode 2Edit

Rudi and his people become more-and-more hostile following the crash-landing of CT-9, kidnapping survivor Lily Isen and threatening to kill her if their sick new-born baby wasn't treated and brought back to them... alive. The baby was cured, but Rudi demanded to talk with Tate about his demands, and give him the message that one day, he would overthrow him and the people of Forthaven.

Episode 3Edit

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Episode 4Edit

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Episode 5Edit

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Episode 6Edit

Julius Berger, without Tate's orders, had Jack Holt send three Expeditionaries on a mission to assassinate Rudi. However, one of them, Josie Hunter, was copied, the copy attacked the others. At the same time, Rudi sent two ACs to assassinate Jack Holt, leader of the expeditionaries and deal a fatal blow to Forthaven. They secretly arrived and sabotaged the power grid causing a black-out. Their objective was to assassinate the XP leader. They sneaked up on PAS officers while playing a game of cards. Cass Cromwell noticed this and secretly informed Jack, who he was playing with. After lulling the ACs into a false sense of security, Cass, Jack and Fleur opened fire and quickly shot one of them down, the other was arrested.

Episode 7Edit

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Episode 8Edit

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