Mitchell Hoban
Mitchell Hoban
Vital statistics
Title Head Expeditionary
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2023 March 12
Marital Status Killed wife, before being killed
Job Expeditionary leader
Parents Unknown
Children Linus Hoban
Views and beliefs Freedom and Self Reliance
Appearances Episodes:
Portrayed by Jamie Bamber
"Do you really believe that Human beings can live together in peace? Do you really think we can build a better place for our children?"
―Mitchell Hoban's last words before being shot by Fleur[src]

Mitchell Hoban was the leader of the expeditionaries. He was born on 12 March 2023.


He was killed by Fleur Morgan after he killed his wife Karina and took his child, Linus, from Forthaven. He was deemed mentally unstable and may have been suffering from a multiple personality disorder. (Episode 1)