Lily Isen
Lily Isen
Vital statistics
Title Miss
Gender Female
Date of Birth circa 2042 (age 18)
Marital Status Single
Views and beliefs None known
Appearances Episodes:
Portrayed by Jeanne Kietzmann

Lily Isen is Stella's daughter.


Early LifeEdit

Lily is the daughter of Stella and Daniel Isen, Stella was pregnant with her shortly before the Second Taiwan Crisis.

Episode 2Edit

Lily was aboard CT-9, though Daniel wasn't with her. The Sub-shuttle she was on crashes and she is taken hostage by the ACs. Stella says she is 18 years old.

Episode 3Edit

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Episode 4Edit

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Episode 5Edit

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Episode 7Edit

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Episode 8Edit

Stella and Lily

Stella is glad to see her daughter safe.

Lily is infected with C-24, she is saved when Stella comes up with a defense against the Host Force.


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