Josie Hunter
Josie Hunter
Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Gender Female
Date of Birth circa 2019 [1]
Marital Status Unknown
Job Expeditionary
Children Stacy Jessie Hunter (daughter)
Rona Hunter (daughter)
Dylan Hunter (son)
Views and beliefs Unknown
Appearances Episode 6
Portrayed by Juliet Aubrey

Josie Hunter is a member of the Expeditionary force, and a single mother. Her position in the XPs is senior enough o be a team leader, and to be assigned high priority missions.


A widowed mother of three, Josie gave birth to Dylan in 2055. Three weeks later she was awarded a medal for bravery after saving the life of a colonist.


Episode 6Edit

In 2060 while on a scouting mission—and under secret orders to investigate the ACs—Josie was replaced by a copy. The copy attacked the other two members of the scouting party and then returned to Forthaven with a concocted tale of an AC attack.

Josie's children were the first to know something was amiss, and the plot was more widely exposed when the real Josie Hunter was able to radio in to Forthaven.

The copy kidnapped the Hunter children, taking them from Forthaven. Later the real Josie, and PAS officers were able to get the children back just before an XP party almost killed the real Josie since they were still unaware of the copy. Tensions eased when the copy briefly exposed itself to view.

According to the children, the copy wanted to know what "love" was.


  1. Estimated birth year based on age of actor.

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