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CT-9 approaching Carpathia

CT-9 was the ninth transport ship, it appeared in Episodes 1 and 2.


It was captained by Captain Kellerman, it went to Carpathia to join Forthaven's community. Unfortanutely, in the final hours of orbit, the heat-shields designed to protect it upon re-entry were compromised, and it began to break up. To ensure passenger survival, the six Sub-shuttles were activated, but Kellerman stayed on the control bridge conversing with Richard Tate, president of Forthaven. His last words were about how he could see the planet, and how beautiful he thought it was, but he perished in blazing fireball of CT-9. Among the surviving passengers were Julius Berger, vice president of the Evacuation Programme and thus high-ranking official on Forthaven now. He contacted the next ship after CT-9, saying he would overthrow President Tate. (Episode 5)