AC Assassin 1
Vital statistics
Title Mr.
Gender Male
Date of Birth circa 2050 (artificial)
Marital Status
Job Advanced Cultivar Assassin
Children Unknown
Views and beliefs Revenge against Richard Tate
Appearances Episodes:
Portrayed by Unknown

This AC Assassin and his accomplice, was sent by Rudi to assassinate Jack Holt, leader of the expeditionaries.


Episode 6Edit

Rudi sends two ACs to assassinate Jack Holt, leader of the expeditionaries, to deal a fatal blow to Forthaven. They secretly arrive and sabotaged the power grid causing a black-out. They sneak up on PAS officers while playing a game of cards. Cass Cromwell notices this and secretly informs Jack, who he is playing with. After lulling the ACs into a false sense of security, Cass, Jack and Fleur open fire and quickly shoot the assassin's accomplice down, the survivor is arrested.

Episode 7Edit

While Tate is away trying to reason with Rudi, Berger takes Jack to the cell with the AC, allowing him to unleash his wrath upon the prisoner. Later on, without Tate's permission, the AC is executed and left to hang as a message.

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